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Possible loss of Munro

Looks as if the guys with their theodolites are going to demote another Munro. Beinn a’Chlaidheimh (GM/NS-022) in the Fisherfield has just been re-measured and comes in under the magic 3000 ft.

Bet any completist will be gutted, this is one seriously remote hill!


Barry GM4TOE

In reply to GM4TOE:

But it’s still worth 6 points. If they change its status they wont be known as the Fisherfield Six but the Fisherfield Five and a Corbett.

Anyway Fisherfield Five sounds like the title of a Liz Taylor movie. The skinny is that they’re not considering changing its official status till the OS redraw the map. So it’s a not a Munro and is a Munro at the same time. How very Zen! :wink:

Looking at the photos and maps of the area its status as a Munro matters not to me. Visually you want to go and walk in this area. If you’ve not had the pleasure have a look at some photos of the area on a nice day.


The problem is crossing the Abhainn Strath na Sealga, which after all the rain this weekend and all the rain due over the next weekend is likely to be a bit deeper than normal.

I’m off to look at those photos again.


In reply to MM0FMF:

I agree, Andy, its a super area with some very good tracks giving access.

As for loss of Munro status, I couldn’t care less - I don’t have the foggiest idea how many Munroes I’ve climbed, it wasn’t important enough to me to keep a score, I just climbed any peak I liked the look of!

I’d be interested to know what size error bars they have for the new height: if 3000 feet is still within the error bars then there is a good case for not changing it!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Off the top of my head I think the survey error was within 10cm in height. The new height (again from memory) was 913.6m which much less than 914.4 +/- 0.1m

It was always barely a Munro. If you look at the old 1in OS map you can see there is 3000ft contour on the map but only just.


I suppose I’ll have to update the GM summit heights when it’s published by the RHB mob. But we’ll just have to leave it in error for now. :wink:

Andy, MM0FMF
GM Association Manager

In reply to MM0FMF:

Fussing too much about the “absolute” height of mountains at the centimetre level is rather silly anyway, since the discussions always gloss over what is the zero reference. The datum used for Scottish mountains is Ordnance Datum Newlyn. This corresponds to neither mean sea level today nor the global Geoid. It is merely an arbitrary reference level chosen in the last century using the best tide measurement techniques of the time. Since then, sea level has changed and Scotland has risen relative to Cornwall. Heights are now measured using GPS but the old reference datum has been retained for compatibility.

Only relative heights are interesting!