Possible issue with naming of VP8/SG-042

As much as it galls me to point this out, it looks like VP8/SG-042 named ’ Wickens Peaks - South’ appears to be named incorrectly. All references to this name on the internet originate from SOTA sources.

There are several other sources that specify the name as ‘Wilckens Peaks’, the main source reference
for the others being: Antarctica Detail which appears to have good providence…

Please prove me wrong however :wink:

Regards, Mark.

More intriguing is that all the old VP8 amateur licences are being withdrawn and new licences are being issued. VP8 becoming VP0 apparently.

Named after Otto Wilckens according to Wiki.

I suggest whoever activates it first can have it named after themselves in the SOTA database. :slight_smile:

I would guess that as “Wickens Peaks” is a plural, suggesting that there is more than one of them, the SOTA name specifies which peak is the SOTA summit.

Mark, you are right. I have misread the label. My excuse is the BAS map has it drawn all wibbly-wobbly. Oh, I got it right on the other one though. I will correct it.

Map acknowledgement: BAS and Government of South Georgia

Are you planning an activation? :smiley:

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Think I’ll give it a miss now that the name is less appealing. :upside_down_face:


Maybe the sensible thing to do is to contact the BAS in Cambridge and ask them?

The evidence online are correlates to the map. I’m going to have to get something named after me the hard way, it would seem…


My understanding is it is slightly more nuanced than that. The BAT/SGSSI VP8 callsigns will be changed to VP0 at the point of re-validation (with licences needing to be re-validated every 5 years)?


I hope someone at Rothera still has the PIC code for the VP8ADE beacon (worth listening out for as more sunspots appear).