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Possible GM/SS activation 27 Jun 15

Hi guys, I am driving from Oban to Glasgow in the morning and thinking of activating a peak on the way (the planned route will be anything but direct!).
I noticed a couple of nice peaks (GM/SS-016 and GM/SS-020) that look to have roads going quite close to them (don’t have a lot of time to spend getting to the summit and back to the car), but not sure if the roads are accessible by 2WD car. Yes I know that rental cars are supposed to be very good off-road, but apparently the rental companies don’t like them being used in that sort of way, so I was hoping to get some advice on how accessible the roads are for a 2WD vehicle.
If these summits are not 2WD accessible, are there any that are 2WD accessible between Rest and be thankful and Glasgow?


Morning Matt

Hope you are enjoying your saunters in GM land unfortunately the wx has not been too good, but hey that’s a GM summer - wait long enough and a good one will come along :smile:

And re SS-016 & 020. They are both reached from a path just to the west of Arrochar at a little hamlet called Succoth where there is a carpark NGR NN294048. You start at sea-level. Good path to both summits.Total round-trip I would reckon inc activation time for a single summit 3/4hrs (depending on your fitness). If tackling SS-016 stick to the path that reaches the bealach (pass) between it and SS-020 then strike in a SE direction to the summit. The direct approach up the front from the SE is a bit exposed.

Trust of some help. Play it safe!


Jack (;>J

PS: If you are on 2M I’ll work you on either of the tops 59+

Thanks Jack, definitely of help but unfortunately time and a sore foot against me for these hills today, so ended up driving through to Glasgow with a bit of sightseeing on the way.

As to weather, definitely not the best, particularly whilst I was in the western area. Looks like summer is arriving next week - just when I am crossing back over the border to the Lakes District.

Familiar story for me - the weather was raining or clouds to sea level for all but the morning we flew out. Would have been perfect to activate that day if that damn ferry strike hadn’t changed our travel plans (I cannot write here what I truly want to say as I think it would result in a permanent ban from this site for me!). Still, here is hoping for some nice weather in the Lakes District which will be Tuesday to Thursday. Possibility of activating something around Glasgow in the next day or two depending on family comittments here…