Portugal SOTA day (03 april)

Yesterday, (and the day before) was celebrated the Portugal SOTA Day, where some national SOTA enthusiasts got their radio stuff and went to the hills to perform their activations. And so did I!
But, a lot unexpected situations have happened that cause some difficulties in what was planed… first, in the attempt ride to the first planned summit, CT/BL-002, the GPS sent me to impassable roads for a regular car, what cause me to loose preciouses time. Then, a few moments after start calling “CQ SOTA”, and exactly when attempting to answer to a summit to summit calling from SV2R??/p, I look at the radio and saw “HIGH SWR”!.. and a few seconds later the radio shuts down. wowww! OK, lets check the antenna: found a connection between the wire and the coil broken. with my hands frozen and a lot of patience I was able to connect it and proceed with the activation, but… the radio didn’t turn on! Fortunately I carried a spare battery, and when I was connect it, the power cable broken! I was able to fix it. The radio turn on with the external battery and I proceed with the activation.
My public apologies to the ham SV2R??/p that call summit to summit and didn’t got an answer from mi side. Really sorry.
After a few more contacts, and with the radio shutting down from time to time I did finalize that activation and went to another summit.
When in the summit CT/BB-008 from time to time the radio always shutting down, and an adorable QRMer putting more difficulties in answering the calls… But was OK…
After that, another summit CT/BB-014, the same difficulties especially the radio shutting down… what the hell was going on? when I found the reason I couldn’t believe it. The output power was set to 50W… So, the battery wasn’t able to support that power. Looks like a joke…
It was planned to go to a fourth summit, but with all that setbacks, 3 were enough.
And that’s it! If it was easy everyone could do it :slight_smile: the adventure was present, and it motivates me to go on, and activate all the summits referenced in CT Land.
Special thanks to all chasers



Nice to see you back on the air, Sérgio. That´s the fun about SOTA and outdoor, setbacks and how to work them. My activation on saturday went with no problems. On Sunday, after the climb, and upon unpacking, I found out that my 49:1 balun was missing, somehow slipped away from my bag on saturday night, during prep time. To make matters worse, my wire antena broke in a couple of places, when I tried to stretch between two tall rocks. A couple of knots fixed that, plus two aligator clips and the trusty ATU in the KX3, albeit only usable on 20 meters.


Paulo, CT2IWW