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Portable stereo recording device (cheap)

Daft question this. Never stopped me asking however! I have a cable that allows me to record my QSOs on my KX3 via my mobile phone. However, the stereo effect that makes everyone sound amazing doesn’t work when it is forced down to mono.

I’ve got these options… Turn off the effect, record one channel only or use a device that allows recording in stereo. I don’t think any mobile phones can record in stereo because of the single ring on the 4 way 3.5mm jack but I could be wrong. I can see there are these boxes that bloggers use but they seem a bit steep. Anyone tried this in the Heath Robinson frame of mind? Would probably be quite nice to record summit sounds aswell to remind me of where I should be when I’m practically anywhere else.

Regards Mark

Hello Mark,

Is it just audio you want to record? You saw the video I made of the G/LD weekend, I used a GoPro Hero 7 White. There are more expensive models I believe record stereo sound. I used to use an SJCAM 4000 for doing my videos. 1080p but I found the recorded audio was quite poor. The Hero 7 White has two microphones and I find it much better.

Have you thought about making video of that lovely Lake District and beyond to share with the world?

73 Chris M0RSF

I’m looking for something I can ideally plug a lead from the kx3 into so I can get both sides of the qso.

You are right though, I should take my Garmin Virb on more adventures :grinning:

I have a Phillips DVT2000 dictaphone, which I bought for making videos. I think it cost about £30.

There’s various recorders on the market, I think the Zoom ones are popular.

73, Colin

Thanks Colin, will look into them.

I suspect you will be able to find an app for your phone that does record in stereo. The trrs connectors provide stereo output to your earphones for music etc.

Alternative recorders would have once included minidisc devices but they have been replaced by phones. But you can still get mp3 players with recording options including line in.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH