Portable PSK has now Arrived

Dear All

I said a while ago that I would let everybody know how my new toy the NUE PSK Digital Modem is working. Well believe me it is the best thing since sliced bread (well to me it is) No more carrying a laptop. The website http://www.nue-psk.com/
explains all. I have run this from home and from the car on Winter Hill (could’nt be bothered to walk to the summit) and it works just great. Using an FT817 and a wire strung out from the car worked all over Europe.
I do not know how many are in the country, I think I was either first or second but i will not be the last. The unit is field programable and new software is being developed as I write. So what does the future hold, just visit the Modems dedicated site. You’ll see that RTTY/CW are just some of the things being talked about.
If all goes well I hope to have it up and running as a demo at the Red Rose Festival 1st June 2008.


Dennis G6YBC
G-QRP 1767