Poor HF propagation around VK

Screen shots of SWS - HF propagation around VK. No wonder activators are struggling to complete four QSOs.

It pays to check SWS before heading out the door to a mountain peak. :wink:

Andrew VK1AD

Shocking day, I struggled with every chase this morning and could barely hear the cw activators above the noise floor.

Many deep qsb fades and 30M which usually produces something was a total non event.

Did not even attempt listening for ssb activators as it would have been completely impossible.

Will be interesting to hear if any dx was worked.

Nick, Did hear John ZL1BYZ in the chase on 20 and 15m. Also heard you I think on 40 but could have been 80?
2 x CW contacts for me today, same stations not heard on phone.

I could barely detect Gerard VK2IO on 40m around midday. I sent him a message requesting he try 80m and he was much stronger there, a s1 signal that only occasionally dipped into unreadable levels. Mid summer 80m, what next, 160?

I checked for the Dural morse training signal on 3699 soon after the contact with Gerard and it was running at s7 then. Not all that far from SY-001 where Gerard was.

I used 2m and 23cm only for my second summitt. Didnt try the HF antenna.
I could get used to that!


I checked some propagation charts around midnight UTC to see whether it was worth looking for G-to-VK activity, and then went to bed. Charts a couple of days earlier had indicated a slight chance of contact. Last night, that had vanished. Best chance seems to be about now on 15 metres, but it’s a slim one…

No I did not try 20 or 15M or 80M.

For the day netted four 40M cw activators all down in the noise floor.

Actually did listen for a couple of 40M ssb activators but could only hear a few faint chasers fading in and out.

It sure was a cw day…

Just to add my aerial for the lower bands is a horizontal loop only 8 metres high and have noticed this loop has the lowest noise figures above any other type of aerial I have used at this location.