I don’t usually chase Sota during the weekdays, specially midday but today, when I was just about to leave to work I saw a spot from DL/HB9BQU/P. It was a ten pointer so I was tempted to have a quick look.

There he was, managing many calls. I heard for a while and gave him a try. There was many people and situation was bad; some tuning on freq (well, not sure if that was tuning…), some asking “?”, some making repeated calls over and over.

His signal was really strong. He gave full call and Sota but again some more “?”. What the hell?
He managed to work the last lucky chaser and then he briefly sent QRT. I can imagine his feeling there…
In a few seconds somebody called me and I exchanged quickly RST and name. I didn’t want to stole the freq and did QRT. Time to work!

It’s such a pity that bad behaviour in some anxious colleagues. Why can’t they just wait and Listen?

Sorry Hans for the unpleasant situation, and keep on doing so well up there!

In reply to EA2BD:

Yes, there was a lot of poor operating yesterday by a significant number of SOTA chasers! In fact, overall, it was the worst day I have ever heard - a very poor advert for SOTA. I worked a few activators, but most of the time I just listened in horror.

Come on guys, it’s just a hobby! Lighten up and give the activator a chance of having fun. I heard one activator just give up and go QRT due to the appalling behaviour of his callers; that benefits nobody.

Weather permitting, I will be out on a summit on Sunday. Woe betide any transgressors as they will find themselves on the “naughty chair” rather than in my log!

Les, G3VQO

In reply to EA2BD:

Hello Ignacio

Yes, there was much QRM on the QRG, I apologize for my quick QRT.
Usually I really try to give a chance to all chasers they call me.

Because of QRM normally I don’t give up so fast.

There were also other reasons:
My battery was empty and I did not want to change.
My Xyl froze because of strong and cold wind.
I wanted to activate another mountain in the canton of Thurgau (HB/TG-008).
That was needed for my swiss SOTA award, which I want to achieve this year.
DM/BW-235 we have only activated because it is located on the same path as before HB/SH-001.

So it was easy to close the station after 15 QSOs.
I look forward to another time when we hear ourselves again.

Many thanks to all the chasers they always behave correctly,
then mostly it is a pleasure to work you in the pileups.

Vy 73 Hans HB9BQU