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Pom first DM/NS mountain goat

Today Pom, DG7ACF has activated the Bröhn, DM/NS122, and now has the 1000 points together for the Mountain Goat.
And I had the pleasure of working him from Fast S2S and afterwards have a champagne with him.

Congratulations, Pom
73 Chris


Congratulations Pom on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations Pom on MG and to you Chris on the 630m S2S.

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Congratulations Pom, and welcome to the herd

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Pom, A fine achievement and a fine way to celebrate. Great!

73, Woody/K1LB

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Congratulations Pom! Well deserved.
I can tell you from my experience: The first goat is the hardest :grinning:
I tried to work you S2S but propagation was against us. I hope @DL1CR has relayed my greetings.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Congratulations Pom!
Welcome to the herd, and BA!

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Well done Pom and congratulations,good to work you on your qualifying summit.
73 Don G0RQL.

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Herzliche Glückwünsche zur Bergziege! :goat: :clap::clap:

73, Sylvia

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Congratulations Pom, well done!

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Hallo Pom

Willkommen in der Herde! Prima :+1: wieder einer mehr!!

73 Armin

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

73, Rudi

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Many congratulations and well done Pom. All the best for the next 1000.

73, Gerald

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:clap::clap: Very congratulations, Pom and thank you for all the QSOs.


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Thank you all! :heart_eyes:

It was 30 C and nobody bothered a chilled free drink, so 11 YL’s and OM’s accepted my invitation and showed up on the summit. We activated a bit off the summit, since Bröhn (everybody just calls it “Annaturm”, that’s the name of the summit tower) is very popular and due to the woods there is not much space to deploy antennae. So “Deister Nordblick” was chosen, a little-known spot on the eastern slope.

Condx were lousy. DL1CR/p on DM/NS-121 was my first QSO on 40m SSB and finally the complete of Fast, the summit I activated most. This took 5 years and 33 activations. G0RQL and EA2DT were next, either barely readable in the noise. No more stations came back to my CQ’s. I then qualified the summit with SK6SAQ, the club station at the Grimeton World Heritage site. She had a huge pile up and came back to me on my first call - a QSO I will always remember. :star_struck:

Goat beer for a thursty goat

Now that Mountain Goat is achieved, I’ll have to make up new portable challenges. Hard to imagine that these won’t be carried out on a summit. Anyone for a MS S2S challenge during the 2020 Perseids? :smiley:


PS: To our OK friends, I know you just don’t drink Kozel. It was only for the word play on a special day. :wink:

Thanks for invitation, Pom, it was a “hot” day :slight_smile:

73 de Tina, DC1BF & Mario, DL4MFM

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