Poll: What kind of footwear do you use?

I was a bit of a Merrill Goretex mid height boot fan… but this year two pairs have lost their midsole to upper connection so I’m going to go with something more substantial for next spring… I like the look of the Solomon’s but I just hope I can get a good fit with my wide’ish foot…

Richard // N2GBR

I went through two sets of Merrill boots in two years. They felt okay but I recently purchased a pair of Oboz and was quite surprised at how comfortable they are right out of the box! Wore them yesterday during my activation of Sugarloaf Mountain. No complaints! I highly recommend them.

My fourth pair of SOTA boots are Salomon GTX mids, very happy with them. The Gortex inner has held up so far, although note others comments about them being pierced. With my previous boots I always ended up with a blister somewhere on extended walks, the Salomons have been great in this regard. From rocky and pebbly scoria stuff on Mt. Fuji to the Aussie soggy or dry summits no problems so far. I find that I need some ankle support as have rolled my ankle many times in the past. I ended up buying a second pair in case I can’t get them in the future.
Cheers, Glenn VK3YY.

I have a brief report on my La Sportiva boots on the blog.
Also consider gaiters a must. They are a handy place to put a map too!

Scarpa Delta GTX - Big Foot size 13EE

In VK the other important addition to footware is gaiters, a must have in the Australian bush. We are now in spring and the slithery sticks (snakes) have emerged from their winter hideout. Also keep in mind the drop bears and hoop snakes.

73 Andrew VK1AD

We have some not so nice snakes here in Pennsylvania too but they’re not as scary as your Australian ones… I’m pleased to report…
I only need gaiters to keep the snow out… :smile:

I use scarpa sl3 leather boots. They’ll last a lifetime with a bit of care and looking after the thick leather outer. Totally waterproof and bombproof. Little on the heavy side but complete protection and waterproof and can handle walking crampons if your that way inclined.
I fortunately bought mine in a sale when I was ‘a poor student’ and I bought them with a really thick pair of merino wool socks. Now 10 years later they still excellent condition and fit me with thinner hiking socks on.

You are not walking enough… my work mate wears out a pair of Scarpa sl3 out in 12-15months! i.e sole worn down to little tread left. There again he has been known to do 42km walk and suggest that is not a long walk!

They did the west highland way in around 2003 which makes them more than 10 years old. But they did have a rest of about 4-5 years.

I bought a pair of these Scarpa R-Evo GTX Boots earlier this year, very pleased with them so far.

I notice the price has risen somewhat since then :confounded:

They replaced a similar version which I used for 5 years. The soles started to wear through after about 1000 miles, but I still use them for undemanding walks,as they remain comfortable and waterproof.

It occurs to me that I must have wasted a lot of energy scrubbing that Vibram away, and I am trying to tread a little more lightly when I remember :wink:

Yes, I too use my old pairs for local walks. My Kayland Contact 1000 boots are 2008 vintage and were used on 239 SOTA activations and so deserved a “rest”. The only issue with them is that they no longer remain waterproof for very long, otherwise they are like a well worn glove. My 2011 vintage Berhaus Kibos however are still in fair fettle after 105 activations, but I try to use them for winter only as they weigh more than a kilo per boot. The Contact 1000’s have been replaced by Kayland Titan Ferrata boots, but these are showing premature signs of wear after the first year of use. Disappointing after the first set of Kaylands wore so well.