[POLL] Gaulfest?

  • Thursday 27th December 2018
  • Friday 28th December 2018
  • Saturday 29th December 2018
  • Sunday 30th December 2018

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As Ed DD5LP is focusing on the traditional holiday dates, here’s another poll for a possible “Gaulfest”. Several people have indicated a preference for a Christmas activity session, but on the non-holiday dates between Christmas and New Year.

In years past, Mark M0DEV used to organise a thing called Gaulfest (I have no idea/can’t remember why) where a number of activators would head to Shropshire / Mid Wales and activate a summit, before meeting up for a social / coffee / cake at Mr Bun the Bakers in Church Stretton. This could be done again, or it could be a general activity session from summits anywhere in the world - or indeed both!

If you’re interested, please vote - and note you can have up to four votes, so you can indicate any of the days for which you would be available.

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Mr Bun (variable reviews on Tripadvisor) is not open on 27th or 30th.

I think we can expect “variable reviews” on Trip Advisor and not be overly concerned. The cause of variable reviews on there is often unpleasant people trying to manipulate a refund or freebie.

Unless by “variable” you mean the kind of variable that the reviews of the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool are…

Am I allowed to put an entry into the poll, or does the fact that I will be north of the border on the relevant dates exclude me? Just wanting to make sure the results aren’t skewed by non-Shrophire activations. :wink:

Does that answer your question Gerald?

Get voting!

Oh no!!! If you’re coming here that means the WX will be horrible :slight_smile:

Yes, brace yourself Andy. You had better get in a decent stock of malt ready for being snowed in for weeks after we have left, such will be our influence on the weather!

Just thought I would check…

The last few years I’ve been unable to get out on New Years Day. Either the WX was terrible and I was unfit to drive through drink or the WX was OK and I was unfit to drive through drink!

This year if the WX looks OK I shall be having a more reflective than consumptive Hogmany.

I’ve just noticed that my father would have been 100 on Hogmany had he lived, which he didn’t.

From your own post from years past, it was a mistake where someone thought Gaul was the old Roman name for Wales and the mistaken name stuck.

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It sounds like a fine chance to blow away post-Christmas cobwebs but I think I will vote when I have a decent weather forecast!

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where from??

MetOffice web site. It’s been exceptionally accurate for me in my part of the world.

I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what I wrote on the Internet a decade ago!

As Obi-wan said “Use The Search Luke!”


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Since Gaulfest is linguistically unacceptable, we could sow further confusion by changing it to the more correct “Marchfest”!

Language evolves Brian. Gaulfest happened at least twice, so Gaulfest it is. It won’t be the first word to have become known with an established meaning despite its origins being in error! (cf: Ammunition, Algorithm, Varsity, Archipelago etc…).

How galling!

This poll remains pretty close. Please indicate your preferences (by voting in the top post above) for a potential SOTA activity session between Christmas and New Year, together with a social meet / coffee / cake afterwards in Shropshire for those local enough.

The French for Wales is Pays de Galles. Tenuous but works for me.

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