Poll for griping and grumping

I thought I would save everyone the problem of creating their own griping and grump threads by creating a poll where you just vote for what is bugging you now. That way we can concentrate all the gripes and grumps in one place.

I hate life because: (click all that apply)

  • smash and grab activations
  • dogfights and pileups
  • too many cw only activations
  • activators wont ragchew
  • fed up growing old
  • antenna restrictions make chasing hard
  • too much rf hash where I live
  • activators dont do what I want
  • chasers don’t listen and log nonsense
  • my hair has fallen out and what is left is grey/white
  • Liverpool FC haven’t topped the league for 28 years

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You forgot (at least) one:

  • too many polls



I miss: Never Dancing Girls on summits


Not enough sunspots. K6WRU

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Fed up growing old ???
Growing old sure beats the alternative.


“I am giving up activating until someone reduces gravity by at least 20%”*

*like it was in the old days


Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.


None of the above…


I can’t find anyone who will deliver a hot pizza to my summit


You aren’t climbing the right mountains Geert,…

Could be worse, you could live in Cambridge :persevere:

Maybe the “too much RF hash where I live” choice should read “too much RF hash where I live/not enough QRO activations”

Now if we could work out a quid pro quo where chasers sent pizza and dancers to activators via drones in return for QRO operations we might be able to solve everyone’s problems…

In theory yes. But as we all know… the difference between theory and practice in theory is much less than the difference between theory and practice in practice. So real results may be less successful than expected. :slight_smile:

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Could be worse, you could live in Cambridge :persevere:

You ought to try Essex!

Glad that ‘activators won’t ragchew’ is at the bottom of the list. I always try to engage in conversation unless I’m suffering from onset Hypothermia.

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I sympathize, but no thanks. Tech boom in Wales… now there’s a thought :wink:

A magnificent place where everyone is happy and you can buy a house for 1/3 of the price then out here…