Pole Mount for Elecraft T1 Tuner

Hi all,

last weekend, I tried several 3D-printable designs for a mount for my Elecraft T1 tuner so that one can directly attach it to a fishing pole or other antenna mast solution. The idea was to be able to position the tuner directly at the feedpoint and have the feedpoint 2 - 3 feet above ground level.

Attached, please find a few picture of my solution. I will post the files on Thingiverse shortly.

73 de Martin, DK3IT


The 3D files are now online at

On masts with a very smooth surface, it may be better to use rubber band without a textile coating so that the tuner does not slide down.

For attaching the mount to your T1, remove the ground/counterpoise knurled nut (not the simple nut below the knurled nut!) on top of the T1 tuner, attach the 3d-printed mount, and fasten the ground/counterpoise knurled nut again. It is really important to not loosen the simple nut directly at the T1 enclosure, because you will have to open the enclosure to tighten it again.


73 de Martin, DK3IT

Thanks for the brilliant idea

I am printing it out now


Dear John:
You are very welcome!
I have thought about designing a variant that is open at both sides so that one can use a standard household rubber-band, too - this will have a better grip, but can get lost (which is why I decided against that route for the moment).

Please share your experiences.

73 de Martin, DK3IT