Poland and Slovakia Tour by Englishmen and Northern Irishman

Good news - Victor GI4ONL has cleared security at Belfast Airport - expect to hear him on the HF bands later this afternoon (Condx allowing for QRP to get through) from the SP/BZ area south of Krakow. The other 4 operators from North Yorkshire will land in Krakow tonight at 2300 local time.

Tomorrow (as we will on most if not all days) we will split into two groups. Victor and I will head down to the Slovakian border to activate two or three summits in that area.

I won’t be writing daily reports on the reflector wholst ont he tour but if time allows one of us will will come on here and provide steerage for our activities, which will run from today until Tuesday 26 April.

Looking forward to plenty of SOTA Contacts, I have just alerted our activations for tomorrow.

73 Phil G4OBK

(OBO Nick G4OOE Dave G3TQQ Pete M0HQO Victor GI4ONL)


Good Luck Phil, and don’t forget SAFETY First!

Greetings to all the guys, if you can get on 40m SSB, I stand a chance of hearing you from here. Or 80m SSB on Thursday possibly, if I get out to test the 80m antenna. Wednesday and Thursday “should” be fine and sunny for you - expect heavy rain on Friday.


You, guys, make me feel so jealous…
I’m afraid I won’t be able to chase you. Stuck in the office :frowning:
Good luck!

73 de Guru

GL guys, wishing you a lot of successful SOTA activations. Enjoy your stay in OM and SP. Keep the beer cooled. Andy HB9JOE and Eva HB9FPM

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Phil and the Group,

Good luck to you all. Enjoy, and hope you have many contacts.

The beers taste so much better after you have qualified a summit.

73’s - David

Phil and the group

Good luck and lots of QSOs!

Hope to hear you from CU/SM-009 on the 23 th PM.

Be safe es enjoy.

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Hi Eva,
A Little clarification: S5 is Slovenia, but they are going to OM Slovakia and SP Poland.
Best 73 de Guru

Hello Phil and Nick, Pete , Dave and Victor,
I hope all goes well on the trip and that I catch one of you sometime/somewhere :wink:
Good luck.

You are right. Corrected. :slight_smile:

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As some will know, I don’t have a permanent station at home. This afternoon I put up my new home brew SOTA dipole in order to chase the OM/SP tour but I heard very little other than a few chasers completing QSOs. Propagation seemed awful!

I did manage one SOTA chase on 30m so all was not lost.

If time allows, I’ll keep trying to have a listen. GL guys!

73, Colin

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Thanks for the summits today. The weather did not sound great so well done all.
Rather than cold beer I guess something warmer.

Heard them a couple of times here Colin, but not loud enough to fully understand what they were saying. I also think propagation today was far from normal.


Hi Colin,

I guess that was our QSO. Thanks a lot for the contact and for spotting. You had a very good signal here in the south of Germany. Which of your radios did you use today?

Today was really hard work. All in all just 16 contacts in nearly 2 hours.
At first I thought my new tiny blue E.T. radio is a little bit deaf, but I guess the reason was the current band conditions.

I also hoped for a S2S with one of the SP-activators but heard only a very faint signal not worth to call in.

At least the weather on the summit was very fine.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Yes, Stephan, you are correct!

Today I was using my kit built MTR-5B.

Phil G4OBK has also recently acquired an E.T. rig, maybe he’s taken it along.

I heard K4DY calling a SOTA activator this afternoon, so my rig is receiving signals from home if not phoning home! :grinning:

Work finished until Monday so I’ll keep am ear on the radio and hopefully the propagation will improve.

  • Colin

Switching from SP/PI-001 to OM/PO-001 and back (call prefixes!?) was a bit hard to follow (at least for me).
Could you therefore list a short summary to make this clear, please.
73 tks, Heinz

_Wed 13:54 SP/G4OBK/P on SP/PI-001 10.118 cw _
_ *QRV (via RRT) (Posted by G4OBK) _

Wed 13:54 SP/G4OBK/P on OM/PO-001 10.118 cw _
_ *QRV (via RRT) (Posted by G4OBK)

I guess it should be OM/PO-028

Jarek is correct I sent OM/PO-001 to RRT in error - we were on OM/PO-028 Heinz and SP/PI-001, a border summit.

Today Victor and I are aiming to complete 5 summits north of our HQ, and the other op’s are hoping to complete 3 out of the same set. We start at one end of the list. There are 3 x 2 pointers and 2 x 4 pointers in the list. For us BZ-074>066>075>070>082. I will be more careful with accurate spots today and I hope we have mobile connections for spotting. Otherwise listen out for us!

Thanks to all yesterday. HF condx were poor and hard to overcome with the low power. I did bring my MTR but only as a backup Trx. As before if CQ calls go unanswered after 3 tries we either QSY or QRT and move on to the next summit, otherwise we lose valuable time.

73 Phil

Hi Colin,
Well I did work Phil at 1347z on 20Mhz on OM/PO-028 but he was a week sig at 33 and got a 55 back just using 200w but then at 1357z Peter came on and he was 55 both ways also David on OM/PO-028 then at 1421 both Peter and Dave changed to SP/PI-001 and got them at 55 both ways but the propagation was not all that good.

Well just hope the propagation is better today for them all, you are doing a good job lads hope the WX holds up to.

73 Terry

Thanks Phil for clarification.
Nevertheless, OM/PO-001 will be found in some chaser/s2s logs, hi.

BTW, propagation to SP on 10 MHz was fair.

73 gl, Heinz

OK Heinz. Up to chasers to correct their mistake due to my mistake hihi!

Here we are on the said summit OM/PO-028 bordered with SP/PI-001:

Left to right Victor GI4ONL Phil G4OBK (front) Nick G4OOE Dave G3TQQ (hiding) Pete M0HQO operating 20m SSB when photographed.

73 Phil