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Recently activated the two Isle of Wight summits twice each. The second activation of each was devoted to PSK only. Having entered all these in the data base, on a check with the mode filter set to data, neither of the PSK exclusive activations shows for points as they were second activations. One of the previous activations does show however on the strength of just one PSK contact, the summit was actually qualified on SSB/FM. The data base does show 3 summits activated however.
If anyone is still with me the question is; Would it be possible to nominate which activation of multiples is to count in a year? We quite fancy to repeat some hills in PSK to give more distant chasers without CW a chance at the smaller hills and push up our data mode score but as things stand this is not a runner. (Doesn’t really matter we’ll probably do them anyway) What do people think?

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You’ve lost me Rob - could be the Carlsberg though. It seems sort of logical that the first activation that you make that qualified is the one that scores. I’m not sure I understand what you are hoping to achieve? There is nothing to stop you reactivating hills as many times as you wish and using as many modes as you want - you will still give the Chasers the points (once each day)…I must be missing something!



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You lost me a bit as well Rob and I certainly don’t drink that drink that has the name beginning with the letter C. It’s brewed here - I won’t drink it!

If you are trying to set up an Activator record for your PSK QSOs, there is nothing to stop you registering on the database using a different callsign - maybe a redundant call (did you have a class B call?) or something similar. Then you can record just your PSK QSOs under that call - you can still use G4RQJ as the call used - it doesn’t have to be the same as the registered callsign on the database. So, for example, say you activate a summit and make 10 QSOs on SSB and 4 on PSK, you can record the activation in two halves with just the PSK ones under the other call. I can’t see this being a problem as you’d most likely take until 2150 to become a Mountain Goat on PSK.

Maybe that is not what you are trying to achieve - I just put it forward as a suggestion. I record my HF chaser QSOs under my old class B call - ironic really! It doesn’t affect my activation records as I always have qualified the summit on 2m SSB or FM - and will continue to try to qualify them this way in the future.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Would it be
possible to nominate which activation of multiples is to count in a

I don’t really see why you should have to. One way of interpreting the current behaviour of mode filters it that it is a bug. If you specify a mode filter, it could calculate the score AFTER filtering and not before. Then you would get the answer you would like without having to do anything special. Of course a side effect of that might mean that you would need at least 4 contacts in the selected mode for it to count, but that seems fair to me.

But as I see it, there are no rules for this, so there is no right or wrong thing for the database to do.