PNWSOTA website is back in business

Hi SOTA Friends,

Thanks to the efforts of KK7DS and myself, PNWSOTA is back in service.

The site has almost 7 years of trip reports and information on summits in the Pacific Northwestern part of the USA, and is a great resource for residents / SOTA visitors to our part of the world.

Thanks go out to NH6Z for providing the last 7 years of hosting. :+1:

Check out the site. We are revamping some of the content and new trip reports are posted frequently!


-Josh WU7H



Thanks for the status update and getting the site back online! And thanks for the revamp! Any improvements in the trip report template would be a welcome addition to make it easier to quickly post stories. Good to get the site back up though and have access to the previous reports.

Also, looks like SOTA Tool link is still down. Do you know if that tool will eventually become available again? I really like the live kml link and the output format. The pnwsota version works better for me than a couple of other live kml sources available. I can live with the others, but so just checking.

Anyhow, appreciate the efforts to get the site back up and I promise to get more trip reports posted!

Thanks and 73, Jim/K7MK

Hi Jim,

The performance issues / weirdness with having to post things twice is a thing of the past. The new site is a million times faster and posting is now instant. Give it a try. If you have suggestions for the site, let me know!

The sotatool you linked to is something that Dan wrote. He is currently assessing the difficulty of making that work again. Stay tuned for updates.


-Josh WU7H

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Okay on all. I’ll give the new server a go and give you feedback via your QRZ email address.



I have been recovering the old spotter code. Good news, I found some recent-ish code. Bad news, it’s not fully working yet. $64k question… who didn’t do a backup after the last change Andy?

I’d like to take this chance to thank NH6Z for providing me with the facilities and services of the old PNWSOTA for maybe 5 1/2 years, maybe longer. Over the years it was immensly useful to have access to a half-decent server in a different continent on different networks for diagnosing routing issues etc. as well as its spotting uses.

I’d also like to take time to thank Josh WU7H (@WU7H) or providing me with an even better server to use from now on. And, he has done this even though gmail has tried to spamfilter ever message between us!

The old US number is still not active yet, use the new one 1-424-373-SOTA ( 1-424-373-7682 )

The purpose in resurrecting the old number is for a) people who don’t know there is a new number, b) for apps no longer supported where the number cannot be changed/updated.


I created a new trip report and I can confirm the new server is way faster. The issues of the past seem to resolved or mitigated by the increased speed. Previously the photo upload process was the most painful part. Since the template doesn’t appear to allow drag and drop photos, having to upload them at the old slow pace was enough to not make trip reports an attractive task. Now it is pretty quick to create a report and should entice people to utilize the system.

Also, thanks to Dan to get the SOTA Tool back up and working. The live links in google maps are working great. These are similar that you can generate in sotamaps, but the sotatool version allows for faster panning and less text overlap when you have a full association loaded.

Thanks again!

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

I agree the old system was such a total pain to post on, I stopped doing it. I’m hoping everyone will come back when find out how quick / easy it is now.



Been getting a “page can’t display” error here today…Just curious as I was searching out a trip report for the Bend, OR., area for Lava Buttes. Not sure if it’s on my end or not…Thanks. 73, Todd KH2TJ

It’s not just you.

@WU7H, can you kick the server? Or is the problen that you did kick the server? :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, the server had a hardware failure on Friday morning. I’ve been away but I had someone on-site look and its a fan failure. The server is still under warranty so I will deal with it on Monday. Should be a quick and easy fix.

-Josh WU7H

And we are back in service. Sorry for the downtime!!

-Josh WU7H