PNW NQF - third time's a charm

Now that everyone is rested up and ready to go after the W7O camp out, it’s time to start thinking about which hills you want to walk for the third annual Pacific Northwest Not-Quite-Fourteener. The PNW NQF, on August 5th and 6th, is a S2S event held in conjunction with the Ham 14er and Socal SOTAFest events. SOTA activators in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho are invited to get on a hill, get on the air, and make some contacts.

If you would like to join in, post an alert on SOTAWatch and (optionally) send an email to info at qrpdx dot org to be added to the operator list. Most of the summit to summit action will occur between 1700Z and 2000Z but lots of ops will be on hills outside those hours. As always, this is a minimally organized activity with the focus on having fun on the hill(s) of your choice.

For more information, check out or send me an email.