Plug and Play Weightless Microphone for Elecraft KX2 KX3

Would you rather carry a heavy microphone or a lightweight one? How about a “weightless” mike? I don’t operate much SSB on activations, but I wanted the option to work SSB S2S and I stumbled across the perfect solution for me. It’s an adapter cable for using a smartphone mic/earbud with a PC. Elecraft’s jacks are perfectly compatible, so it is a plug and play solution. See photo and description here


Hmm, maybe good next year for me while doing a couple of long approach bike SOTA’s. Where did you get the cables from?

Got the adapter off Ebay. Look up “smartphone headset to pc adapter”. It’s around $7. Make sure it’s two male/one female. If you don’t have a spare smartphone mic/earbud, they are plentiful on ebay, too. Adding foam is a must, to cut down on wind noise. 73