Please satisfy my curiosity

I have been checking summits near to me that have not been activated and find ES-044 Cat Law in that category - but I have chased it!!
Can anybody confirm GM/ES-044 on 13 June 2004 GM0PJD or did I get it wrong?


Barry GM4TOE

PS: do you like the pun in the title, it was unintentional!

In reply to GM4TOE:
Not sure if this helps Barry but I worked you on GM/ES-030 at 1133
on the 13/06/2004

73 Graham

In reply to G4JZF:
Hi Graham,

You were one of only two HF contacts I had from that summit (ES-030) all the rest were on 2m, mainly SSB. I just wonder if anybody else worked GM0PJD on Cat Law ES-044 just to confirm that my summit to summit was valid.