Please no more eQSLs

I have recently become a homeowner and I am in the process of moving out of my family home to my new flat. I have been in the process of updating my address, but I have found it really difficult to update my address on my eQSL accounts which I have loads of. On some of my accounts, it would not let me update my address due to me only having my grid square as IO when this should have been IO83WG. Address can only be updated when you have a grid square of 2 letters, followed by 2 numbers and then 2 letters again. I have then tried updating my grid square from IO to IO83WG, but it wouldn’t let me because you have only ever amend the last 2 letters of your grid square. I contacted the volunteers about this at eQSL and I did not find them helpful (apologies to anyone on here who is an eQSL volunteer) at all and I also found out that in addition to having accounts for all callsigns that I use, I should have had accounts for each QTH that I operated from (ie an account for every single SOTA summit that I have activated as each SOTA summit has its own grid square). This is an absolute joke in my opinion as all I was trying to do was update my address.

However, for the last 10 years, I haven’t really response to the eQSL cards that have been sent to me and as a result thousands of them are outstanding. The only eQSL cards that I have responded to in recent years were all to an SWLer who somehow SWLs all my SOTA activations on HF, sends me an SWL eQSL each time and has also emailed me each time wanting an SWL eQSL in return. This SWLer hasn’t even entered the SWLs to the SOTA Database despite me advising him quite a few times to do this.

Given the above, I am planning to delete all my eQSL accounts and therefore is no point in sending any eQSLs to me and I won’t see them and you won’t have eQSLs from me in return either.

Jimmy M0HGY


Well done.

Two years ago I changed my address from Barcelona to Asturias (900km between cities) and I deleted my eQSL accounts, no problem.

I only keep LOTW and direct QSL and better for me.


This is an absolute joke.
I agree with you.
But LotW also criticizes if it sends the Grid differently from the registration.
To avoid rejections, I change the ADIF and send without the Grid.
In the case of REGISTRATION, what they are asking for is absurd.
You’ll be fine without it. I’m losing my hair taking care of about 4 friends’ CALL accounts.

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I have now just gone through the process of “unsubscribing” all my eQSL accounts which that in itself has taken some time to do, but I am there now. When I say unsubscribe, I actually mean just deleting my account as I wasn’t paying any money to eQSL (I don’t understand at all why anyone would want to pay money to eQSL), but “unsubscribe” is the word used to eQSL to delete accounts. As mentioned above, I never really used eQSL for for last 10 year, only to send eQSLs in response to an SWLer who has emailed each time he has sent an SWL eQSL and wanting a eQSL from me in return. I may send this SWLer a courtesy email to inform him and I am no longer using eQSL and therefore I won’t receive any SWL eQSLs from him and that I will not be able to send anymore eQSLs to him in response to the SWL eQSLs that he sends me.

Jimmy M0HGY


I gave up eQSL some time ago but I still have an account. I couldn’t be bothered to set up G4TGJ/P which is most of my activity.

I set the locator for the summit when I create the ADIF file in FLE. I then import into Log4OM and upload to LoTW from there. I’ve never had a problem with the grid being different.


Perfect. And that.
Here we have a saying: IF you can’t beat him, join him.



I agree about the wrong grid/county/state on E-QSLs and also on LOTW from SOTA QSOs.
This is also true for other stations who are portable/mobile, etc. unless they indicate their
QTH in the comments on E-QSL. Also many contest stations using special calls on the air then
send in their log to E-QSL with their “regular” call. So then all the QSLs bounce and don’t automatically clear. After manually looking up some of these in my log, I gave up and just let them sit in the in-box forever. There are thousands sitting there that are not confirmed by me for various unknown reasons. I don’t understand E-QSL. I’ve looked up some of them in my log and all the info is OK, but they don’t automatically clear. I refuse to look up all these thouosands of E-QSLs. SO, I upload my logs and forget it.
John, K6YK, grumpy OM.


I gave up trying to use my real grid for /P on LoTW as it is far too difficult. For my Home QTH I don’t mind having the full grid as I don’t move very often (having been at the same address for over 24 years).

You can just create an appropriate station location in TQSL and associate each separate upload to the correct Grid I have a number of different locations I have used for /P some of them once only some get used a lot.

I get more annoyed by my logging program telling me that the Grid or something else (often the zone) in the confirmation on LoTW does not match what was entered in my log at the time of the QSO.