Please help: Children's Birthday QSO Today

Dear SOTA community:
Today, I am planning to let children at a birthday party get a taste of ham radio by allowing them to try a first QSO using my training callsign DN3IT from near Lake Constance in Germany.

We will operate SSB/LSB on 40m with 5 Watts, likely around the QRP calling frequency of 7.090 MHz.

The time on the air will depend on the local weather, anything between 13:30 UTC (15:30 CEST) and 17:00 UTC.

It would be really nice if some of you could answer the CQ calls of the young boys. As said, the callsign will be DN3IT, and the different young operators (up to five) will tell their names as part of the CQ calls as per the German regulations.

The boys speak a bit of English, but QSOs in German or simple English will be a bit easier for them.

I know that this request is off-topic, but hopefully acceptable as a means to attract the next generation of ham radio and thus SOTA operators!

73 de DK3IT / DN3IT


we are on the air on 7090.50 ssb

now 7092.00

Sri Martin, nothing but Russian stations heard around your frequency, I guess we’re too far for ground wave and too close for sky wave - 73 Ed.

now trying 7062.5

Sorry Martin nothing there for me either. Looks like the band is not our friend today. hope you are getting contacts.

73 Ed DD5LP / DN5LP.

Thanks for all listeners; we are now facing some lightning and has to QRT.
But the boys had fun calling CQ.
Maybe we try again later, otherwise another time!
Agn, mni thanks!
73 de Martin