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Please give activators a chance


Hi all,
long time i don´t know how i say this in words.( in english ! HI ) . But to all chasers , please give activators also a chance in the cw-pile-up´s depends to other sota-activations.the last summits i often being longer on the summits to look for s2s-contacts.but most chasers who worked me before in my activations and give me good rapports,don´t hear me in other pile-up´s :wink: . ok,it´s a pile-up and you wan´t to work the summit,but if wx not so fine , it´s not so easy to calling and wait as in the shack i think,hi.so please , if you hear a portable sota-station in the pile-up , give a info to the other activator and wait a few seconds with your own call.the last activations i often can´t work other activators depending on the mostly used 3-5watts in the mass of the callers.and it´s great to have s2s.last monday on ssb i worked G7KXV/p on G/LD024 with the help of the other chaser´s . a big thank you to G4JZF es G0NES for giving infos about Ian´s activation.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus

I am pretty sure that some chasers did pause to allow me to get through for a s2s contact the other day (with Zoli). A few chasers do seem to get a little over-excited though. One persisted in calling me (at about 40wpm) over the top of several contacts the other day - he must have been able to hear what was going on. Mysteriously he never actually made it into my log :wink: Of course most chasers are a pleasure to work!

The pile-ups will continue to grow as more countries join SOTA although they do seem to be concentrated on just a few popular frequencies (such as 7.032). It can still be quite quiet on other bands. I will be trying to use 20m a bit more in the future in an effort to get a few more distant countries interested. That was why I used 40m a lot in the early days of SOTA (combined with 2m FM) …it seems to have worked!




In reply to G3CWI:

Hi Richard,
i also plan to try next time 20m es 17m.But with a up and outer vertical-antenna,not with the often used by me longwire or dipol-antenna.yes, more sota-countries and chaser´s results in stay longer on the summit´s ,hi.but the other problem in the pile-up´s, is that strong chaser´s calls me in high-speed cw , and if i give them a rapport…no comming back.i lsn full bk,and some strong chasers ( better say one or two :wink: ) calls me and calls me over the other chasers,but no reply from him .he calls also in the time i give rapports :wink: .but i think that´s normal in ham-radio.i see it often in other dx-expeditions.should we call them crocodiles ? :wink: but i wan´t say,i have the same fun as at the first day of my sota to work the chasers.most of them i know with name and every time a new nice hello from them.nice to have friends all over europe ! see you on the next summit´s …

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

P.S. Nice to have more and more QRS-Stn´s/CW-Beginners in my log… :wink:


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus

I think that all chasers would agree that, for the reasons you mention, S2S stations should always be given priority in a pile up. Unfortunately a SOTA pile-up often results in a feeding-frenzy of chasers all wanting to be first in the log, with some over-enthusiastic stations even calling “blind”.

Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect chasers to remain silent to allow a S2S, but I would hope and expect that any chasers who hear another activator calling would inform the main activator to “Pse listen for …/p” which should give the second activator a clear run and accomplish the QSO.

CU on the CW bands

73 Roy G4SSH


In reply to G4SSH: My only experience as an activator of pile-ups is on 2M - they even happen on ssb. I’ve found it very usefull to be advised by other chasers that another summit is calling, and my experience on 2M is that chasers will respect a call to another summit.
On a different, but allied tack : S-to-S QSOs are obviously sought-after, but no award is available for such contacts. I’ve put forward several requests for such an award to be initiated, but to no avail. Anyone else feel the same?

Regards, Dave, M0DFA


Hi all, just arrived from dm/he-492.
Many thanks for the nice qso´s and the kind help with my s2s-QSOs today!
One of those helpful chasers was G4SSH (tnx Roy!)and (I think)
Richard, G3CWI. But as I always experienced lots of ham-spirit
from the UK!
Vy73 GL de Fritz DL4FDM/HB9CSA


In reply to G3CWI:

I am pretty sure that some chasers did pause to allow me to get
through for a s2s contact the other day (with Zoli). A few chasers do

Yes, indeed. I was quite astonished the other day to hear you
in the middle of the pile-up. Thanks for the QSO, Richard.
I had another s2s with HB9AGO some minutes later, thanks for letting him
through too.