Please Correct Your Chaser Log

Please note that my dad Tom M1EYP spotted himself earlier on Great Shunner Fell G/NP-006 and also gave out this reference to chasers on 2m fm. Please be advised that this summit is incorrect, he was actually activating Ingleborough G/NP-005 at the time of this spot, so if you logged a chaser contact earlier with my dad on G/NP-006, please correct this SOTA reference to G/NP-005 on your chaser log. My dad went onto activate Whernside G/NP-004 after and is now on his way to Blackpool for his gig there tonight with Joe Longthorne.

Jimmy M0HGY


It’s nice to know that even experienced activators make this mistake! I was annoyed with myself the other week doing this. I only made 4 QSOs so it was easy to email everyone.

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Hi Richard,

I know lots of experienced can make these mistakes, glad you got it sorted by emailing everyone. I think once my dad enters his activations logs for today, he will check the “Who Chased Me” to see if anyone still has him logged with the wrong SOTA reference and then he will probably email them asking them to amend the SOTA reference on their chaser log.

Jimmy M0HGY

Despite having emailed the chasers about the mistake when I check who chased me only one entry is there and it is still the wrong summit even though he replied to my email and said he’d changed his log.