Please check your summit ref.M/LA1xxA and MM/LA1xx

First I must thank every British ham for good contacts and for have the possibility to see so many of you in England this year.

The activation list as follow:
21/10-09 G/LD-004 Skiddaw By M/LA1ENA/p, M/LA1DNA/p, M/LA1TPA/p, M/LA1KHA/p
22/10-09 GM/SS-196 Calkin Rig
23/10-09 G/LD-003 Helvellyn By M/LA1ENA/p
23/10-09 G/LD-044 High Rigg By M/LA1DNA/p and M/LA1KHA/p
23/10-09 G/LD-054 Watch Hill By M/LA1ENA/p,M/LA1DNA/p, M/LA1TPA/p,M/LA1KHA/p
24/10-09 G QRP Convention
25/10-09 G/SP-015 The Cloud By M/LA1ENA/p and M/LA1TPA/p,
25/10-09 G/SP-013 Gun By M/LA1DNA/p and M/LA1KHA/p
25/10-09 G/SP-015 The Cloud By M/LA1DNA/p and M/LA1KHA/p only VHF FM

So please check your log.
Hpe cu sn agn
72/73 de LA1KHA kjell