Playing on G/SP-012

Yesterday I had alerted to activate G/SP-008 with Mick 2E0HJD. However Mick wasnt feeling 100% so I decided to have a leisurely activation of Easington Fell instead - no points for me as Ive already done it this year. The walk in is about 1km with only a small gain in height, wx was great for the time of year, so I threw 2 x 12ah slabs in the pack and set off. I took the SB5 2m beam and a 3ele log periodic for 70cms hoping for some tropo conditions. In the long run conditions were dissapointing on both UHF & VHF. I did manage to work Holland and N Ireland on 70cms ssb, but I put this down to the big stations on the other end. HF was generally good with 40m being the pick of the bands for me. In all 125 contacts made, now for the slog of putting them in the database.
80m ssb - 15
60m ssb - 15
40m ssb - 40
20m ssb - 10
2m ssb - 6
2m fm - 28
70cm ssb - 6
70cm fm - 5
Thanks to all callers & the spots on both sotawatch and the cluster. A couple of pics of the antennae used are on flikr.
73 Steve G1INK.

In reply to G1INK:

Now that’s what I call a proper activation Steve, hi, you must have a sore throat, pity no cw though :slight_smile:

73 Mike