Plans for 2015

I’m starting to make plans for SOTA this year, if you search for my SOTA history you will see there’s been a bit of a break!

The reasons for returning are 1. I need the exercise and 2. I do better when I have a goal rather than just aimlessly wandering about the landscape.

Given my lack of fitness some of you will be glad to hear that I don’t plan on tackling the likes of Kinder Scout 1st off… I have climbed it, once, but that was in my teenage years when I used to do a lot more walking.

What I will probably do is tackle the easier ones 1st. Like The Cloud and Gun round here. One I may do later this month is Ditchling Beacon as it isn’t far from the head office of the company that I work for and I can claim a ‘lunch break’ as an excuse for being there. Obviously, as with all such plans, life may intrude and if I can’t get away in time I may head home instead, so I’ll need a way to let anyone who may be watching out know that I’ve had to call it off. I guess SMS might be useful for this and I’ll research the SMS notice system before I go.

Initially, I wont have 23cm or 3cm but I may well have 4M (awaiting delivery of the 4M module for my KX3 but I do have a Spectrum transverter as well) as well as 2M and 70cm with my FT817 (must remember to get new batteries!). I don’t get on too well with HF, but I’ll take wire with me just in case.

Hope to work a few summits from home as well, especially 23cm and, when I get chance to put the antenna back up again, on 70cm.

Dave (G0DJA)