Planning query GW/SW-008 Cefn Yr Ystrad

Does anyone know if the quarry north of the summit of Cefn Yr Ystrad, GW/SW-008, is still active? Also I see from google maps that there is a road sign as you leave Trefil, heading north, saying the road ahead is closed, yet the Google man shows the gates open and the road accessible to the quarries. If access is possible looks like an alternate route to the top.

Your thoughts and local knowledge would be very much appreciated.

73 Glyn

There were quite a lot of vehicles making there way through the quarry when I went there in 2010, but I’ve not been anywhere near since.

Hi Glyn

Mal GW6OVD could probably give you info on that approach. Rod M0JLA or Viki M6BWA could also be of assistance as I think they have activated it quite recently.

I can send you a GPS track for the South approach which I and many others use.

73 Allan GW4VPX

The gate is sometimes open and sometimes locked. It is a private road, so the gate may be locked at any time. When we have parked (legitimately) beyond the gate it has sometimes been manned.

The quarries are completely closed as quarries, except, possibly the one directly to the NE of Trefil. I have encountered a rave and a film set. The last orienteering event I went to in the area had to be slightly rearranged because of a nest on the quarry cliffs.

My usual route is along the hilltop from Tor-y-foel; I like it but it is a long way there and back. Vicki will only do it one way.

This year we did the route from Pontsticill, parking just by the waterworks. The terrain on that side of the hill is much easier going than on the east. Phil, G4OBK, describes this route very clearly in his blog.

Enjoy the activation.



Did they have the glowsticks ?


I was not close enough to see much; and didn’t need to be :smile:

It was quite loud enough for me on Pen-y-Fan and in Aber village below the Talybont dam.


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I’ve done it from both sides. I don’t really recommend the eastern approach.
The gate was open and there was very busy quarry traffic using the road on the occasion I went up from the east. I still didn’t risk the chance of getting locked in so walked the whole way. It’s a long walk up a very monotonous, uninteresting dirt road to the quarries. In poor visibility, the route up through the quarry is potentially very dangerous. There are many sheer drops and holes which are not identified on the map.

The western approach from Pontsticill is a complete contrast. Lovely views and open countryside.
The only issue (like the other approach) is lack of any visible track for most of the way. There is a track which you can pick up that contours round towards the quarries, but at some time you will need to head off for the summit. I usually follow animal tracks and use my GPS. Without a GPS you would easily get lost in low visibility. It’s a wide open, featureless place.
You can park at the water works, either at the entrance or on the layby down by the river. The bridleway is directly opposite which climbs steeply passing under the Beacon Mountain railway.

Cefn Yr Ystrad is one of my favourite SW summits. Wild, open, remote (after 4 activations I’ve only seen one other person), and stunning scenery (from the west).
My track is on SotaMaps but it differs each time I walk it!

The terrain is like this :smile:

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I just love the rubber trig point! :grinning: (Yes, I know why it appears to bend but it is still funny!)


Hi guys thanks for all the input. Will try and get hold of Mal (OVD). Pete, thanks for the track info and video, most useful. Allan have sent you an email regarding GPS tracks.

73 Glyn

The gate is open from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. It is the access to the working quarry nearer to Trefil. Obviously it is also closed on public holidays. You can drive all the way along the lower track although I wouldn’t do it in a car you are precious about. I parked at SO084148 at had a relatively easy walk to the summit avoiding the tussocks. The old quarry is still used to some extent by the working quarry people but not for quarrying. If you meet a quarry truck just pull over. They’ll most likely wave to you! Lots of folks go up there in cars. Watch out for the Cybermen! 73 John

Love it!