Planning an trip to the most unavailable LA/HL summit

Hi all.
I’m planing an activation to LA/HL-006. Most likely the most unavailable summit in the region. I know the extreme runners do the trip in one day, but I’m planing to use the full weekend with activation on Saturday Aug 25, and spending the nights before and after on an “near by” cabin only 4-5 hours from the summit (each way). So obviously i want to maximize my chances of success while carrying the least amount of gear.

Does anybody have experience with using digimodes from an summit? I dont do CW so I’m considering using PSK31 from my mobile, but i dont know if anybody uses this mode any more, with FT8 and the likes that seems to be all the rage these days. I don’t have “HF privileges” at home so I’m not able to easy check the bands for activity.

Any input on this matter would be appreciated