Planned Activations of FL/NO-035, 038 & 082

I’m hoping to activate one or more of the summits FL/NO-035, 038 & 082 on 19 May.

Timings very fluid but should start from around 0930 UTC. Spots will be posted of course.

How many I manage down to parking availability near the summits.

Probably 40m SSB to start then other bands and CW but conditions seem odd at the moment so it will depend on what bands are open.

If anyone needs one of these summits especially just let me know and I can start with that one. I don’t think I will do all three.

73, John

Edit: Rain is forecast tomorrow so I will have to decide closer to the time whether I go ahead. The forecast may change.

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HI John

Thanks for the advance notice. I am in tomorrow - a plumber is doing work in our bathroom from 11am onwards.

FL/NO-035 I especially need as a unique. I like to chase the FL/NO summits as I am going to the area later in the year.

73 and I hope you get some dry weather to enable you to activate wherever you can.

Phil G4OBK

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Phil, FL/NO-035 looks fairly easy. I’m now not sure about FL/NO-038 as it appears to be above a working quarry and very industrial. I don’t think my wife will enjoy being parked next to it! FL/NO-082 looks better so I will try for these two. The rain isn’t forecast to-be heavy.

Hi john @M0WIV,

your tittle say :

and you are talking of 035 !?
FL/NO-036 no more valid but I need 038 and 082 here :wink: :crazy_face:

40m SSB at low level still unstable but you can try 30m CW for better result :+1:

73 Éric


Èric, thank you! I’ve corrected the title, I meant 035.

I think I will start with FL/NO-082 then probably miss out 038 and do 035 instead. 038 looks very unattractive!

Hi John,

I think unattractive is a bit of a strong term.

Who wouldn’t like to do a SOTA 130m above a lake while being in a wooded area !

It’s true this lake is actually a quarry but arriving from the north you will be charmed !



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I’ll have another look at it and see if I can approach from the north. :slight_smile:

You can prefer NO-035 with his 2 really big towers :wink:


John @M0WIV

And for FL/NO-082 :


I’ve put out alerts for all 3 summits but I’m not sure I will manage them all. It depends on parking near the summits and shorter walks. If I have to walk longer distances I will run out of time - and risk divorce!

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Sincere apologies but I have cancelled the activation of FL/NO-038. Family life has to take precedence! My comment about a 3rd summit was received in silence and the air temperature in the camper dropped several degrees! I can take a hint. :slight_smile:

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