Planned Activation of OE/TI-002 Wildspitze (10 Pts) tomorrow

Dear all:

I am planning to activate OE/TI-002 Wildspitze (3768m, 10 points) tomorrow on skis.

This will be the 2nd ever activation of this 2nd highest mountain in Austria, first activated by @DM1LE four years ago.

I plan to be QRV around 10:00 UTC (12:00 local time / CEST) and will be operating as OE/DK3IT/P with 5 W and either an EFHW with traps or my new SOTA vertical. Since the main summit is not too big and there will likely be other mountaineering groups on the summit, and because it will be warm tomorrow, so wet avalanches will be an issue later in the day, my time on the summit will be limited.

I will start operating 40m on 7.030 +/-, or, if contest QRM prevents that, ob 7.002+/-. If the situation permits it, I will try 20m for a bit of DX, too.

In order to maximize the number of chasers, I can handle, please

  • QRS around 12 wpm,
  • give your call sign twice, and
  • use minimal rubber-stamp style QSOs.

Mni tnx fer chasing!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

PS: Here is a nice image of the summit (deep-linked from;597.78,0&downsize=1200px:*


Hello Martin,

All the best for this summit and good DX :grinning:
WX looks like it’s gonna be very nice.

A safe way up and down.
73 Joe

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Hi Martin,
It looks like the only contest on before lunch is the LZ (Bulgaria) Open 40m CW Contest which starts at 4am, the other contests start in the afternoon.
Good luck with the activation - take care.

73 Ed.

Contest Calendar:

Thanks, very useful info!
73 de Martin, DK3IT

Nice summit ! I hope for S2S contact tomorrow. Take care!

Ivica - 9a6cw

I am back safe and sound. The activation was a success, report will follow.
73 de Martin, DK3IT


Tnx fer S2S Martin, cuagn !

Glad you’re back safely - I look forward to reading the report.

73 Ed.