Planned Activation of FL/SO-011

I plan to activate FL/SO-011 Le Petit Peyre on Tuesday 3 May at 1030 UTC, which at just 194m high is indeed petit.

I will be short of time so may only use 40m SSB but if I can I will try 30m CW.


FB John,

A drive on with only 5 activations to its name. That wouldn’t happen in the UK! I might just be about tomorrow to listen out.

73 Phil

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Sadly it isn’t going to be a drive on. I’ve been scanning Google Maps Street View and I can’t see anywhere to park - but I am in a 6m long 3.5t campervan! I thought the water tower would be suitable and it would be for a car but it looks tight for us. I will have to park in the village Laparade, and walk about a kilometre.


I activated it just out from the trees in the orchard. We walked to it from 44.400095930654196, 0.48157992450163506 but to get there is up a steep twisty road. There was plenty of parking on the summit track for farm machines under the trees but I won’t be responsible for your camper van. If I was going again I would go to the summit from the water tower.

It is quite a flat top so there a huge activation zone.

Unfortunately I don’t think I will be home in time to chase you.

Have a nice time.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Andrew, thank you. I suspect I won’t go all the way to the top and will find a corner of a field somewhere lower down - and nearer to the village!