Planned Activation Bare Mt, MA W1/CR-014

Hoping the weather is good for an attempt at Bare Mt. on April 23 at 1500 UTC

The XYL, KB1ZGQ will be with me and says she will be courageous and try operating some SSB on HF. :innocent:

Once again, I will drag along the 2 meter measuring tape Yagi and try for some SSB on VHF. If you are in the New England area, feel free to respond to this thread so I can get get a compass bearing on you! Monitor 144.200 USB.

If the gods are with me, I’ll get my new 20 Meter vertical up for a test run, but it’s probably going to be the linked dipole this trip.

The day started out rainy, but the weatherman promised it would clear, and for once that promise came true. We arrived to a freshly washed mountain that was toweling itself dry as we pulled into the parking area.

Many hikers in evidence on the trail, and everyone was cheerful and friendly. A number of people spotted my Jackite fiberglass pole sticking up off my backpack and asked if I was doing some kind of mapping. They were delighted at the idea ham radio on the mountain, and impressed at the sorts of distances we regularly get on a mere 5 watts.

Band conditions were spotty, but the continental US was coming in pretty well on 20 meters, so most of the effort was concentrated there. When 20 seemed to be going a bit fluffy with heavy QSB, I went to 40, but even there it was a bit sparse. During lunch there was an attempt to raise some of the more local folks on 2M SSB with no result.

XYL actually worked S2S today, so she’s all smug and insufferable. There may be incipient signs of “actividiction”. She’ll be watched carefully to see if it progresses. :wink: (She also heartily approves of MRE poundcake as part of a healthy luncheon!)

The newly built 20 Meter vertical didn’t get on the mountain today, but will be making the next trip if I can get it tuned up. Looking forward to some DX with that.