Pizzo Cefalone I/AB-314 (2533 mt.)

Yesterday a friend and I escaped the city and headed towards the Gran Sasso group, where the highest peaks of the central Apennines are located. We chose Pizzo Cefalone I/AB-314 a beautiful peak of 2533 meters which can be reached in about 2 hours of walking. The journey from Rome was unpleasant and unbelievably the temperature was 17 degrees, which after 39 degree days felt great. The path towards Pizzo Cefalone is very beautiful, first you reach the Duca del Abruzzi refuge at 2300 meters. and then you start a long path all on the ridge that leads to the top. The final part is all rocks and you also have to use your hands to climb towards the summit. The activation was good, 25 qsos with a propagation that wasn’t the best, low and evanescent signals on 20 and 30 metres. In total about 8 km of walking and 653 meters of ascent for a beautiful excursion. The photos give an idea of the beauty of the Gran Sasso area