Pile up recording of Jürg HB15SOTA

73 Chris


Thanks for sharing, Chris and congrats on the S2S QSO and the “Edelweiss-Diplom”!
Doing my activations mostly on cw, I tend to forget about the bedlam that can evolve on sideband! Why are people tuning up or keep whistling on a busy frequency?

73, Roman

Unfortunately we have the same on CW : Whistles, tunes, people sending their call repeatedly while QSO are in progress (some F stations are 1st rank), and sometimes question marks as a bonus.
The trend is not good over the years, and i seriously think about stopping chasing activity because of these unrespectful manners of doing QSOs.
Don’t forget this is a leisure and that our lives do not depend on making a QSO or not.
Vy 73

My top suggestions: 1) don’t care about others, 2) lazy, 3) incompetence.

P.S. I like how you can see the cameraman [Chris] eating and drinking whilst waiting his turn for an S2S. As a KX2 user I’m glad to see this low power rig doing well in a SSB pile-up.

73 Andy

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It seems to me to be craziest on 20 metres, with 40 metres a close second. I focus my chasing on other bands when I can. Likewise, when activating (which I do only very occasionally) I usually leave 40 and 20 metres 'til last, and may skip them altogether.

Indeed. :wink: If a particular pile-up’s too crazy, just go looking for another activator. Or take a break. And spare a thought for the activator at the sharp end…

I used to love those crazy pile-ups on 20m CW when i was activating a SOTA that was also a WFF, back around 2011 when WFF was a big craze, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe. I’d happily welcome those times back.

Dear Chris
Vy tks for the recording of my pile up with the call HB15SOTA on 40 meter and tks for waiting! My xyl and myself we liked the video very much. Finally Bill, G4WSB gave me the hint that there is a S2S waiting for me. Tks also to Bill. I like these hints because I try to work as many S2S as possible.
I would love to see if someone would record a cw pile up of me. On 40 meter I am running 30 WPM with the call HB15SOTA. In cw I am much better and faster than in ssb!
Finally I quote the famous dxer Martti Laine, OH2BH “The pile up is the mirror of the operator.”
See you agn in my next pile up!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

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If I could wish I’d rather hear a recording of a chat at 30 wpm than a pileup at 30 wpm with only callsigns, names and RST exchanged :wink:

Es war mir ein Vergnügen!
Viele Grüße auch an deine Frau,