Pikes Peak News, June 2018, W0C/FR-004

The construction of the new Pikes Peak visitors center has started.
You can watch the construction at :
They just moved the camera location to the summit house, 16 June 2018.
The PP Highway will now have shuttle busses to the top, no extra charge.
No personal vehicles will be allowed to go to the top until Sept. to reduce traffic.
You have to carry your rig and all supplies with you.
This is similar to the visitor policies at Rocky Mt National Park and the Maroon Bells.
It is always smart to visit these sites early in the morning before the storms come and
before the parking lots fill up.
The old visitors center is still open.
Visitors information at :https://www.pikes-peak.com/attractions/pikes-peak-americas-mountain/.
The Barr Trail is still open for hikers from Manitou Springs to the top of PP, it is 21 miles
up the hill. http://www.barrcamp.com/hike.php.
The Pikes Peak COG Railroad is closed for repairs.
It is (or was) the highest COG Rail in the world.
If you never took the COG you can watch this video
at http://tinyurl.com/n9we5nv,
or take the "Pikes Peak Helicopter Tour " at http://tinyurl.com/pr77z28.
Paul w0rw

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Thanks Paul,
I enjoyed driving to the top in a hired Oldsmobile in 1999 while working at the USAF Academy in the Springs for three weeks. I remember calling CQ on 2m from the 14,100ft top but maybe you don’t recognize 145.500 as the calling freq. Nil QSO’s.

I had a man with a pyrometer check the front brake discs half way down. He couldn’t understand why they were cold. I was warned of this and used the gears.

Altogether a very memorable experience and what a great place Rocky Mountain NP turned out to be. Thanks! Your post and some of the place names in it, brought back some great memories.

73, John