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Pike Of Blisco Activation 24/02

Activation Report - Pike Of Blisco G/LD-024 on 22nd Feb-09.

Pike Of Blisco, QRP.
2E0EDX/P, Unaccompanied.
All times: UTC on 24-02-09.

In an attempt to acquire further Winter Bonus points I chose to activate Pike Of Blisco of which would add a further 9 points to the tally.

Left a very clear, dry and very mild Blackpool at 0800 hours, arriving at the Three Shire Stones at 0945 hours. After a brew, soup and a ciggie I made a start in again a peasouper from the parking area at 1000 hours then via the track to Red Tarn. The track was excellent all the way to the tarn, approximately a mile and a half or just over and I checked navigation continously with the GPS . Up to this point none of the high fells to my east could be seen although extremely close to the track, visibility down to only 15m and on reaching my second Waypoint the start of Red Tarn, well I just could not see the Tarn due to hill fog. Unbelievable as the Tarn is very big on the map. Kept going to the next waypoint, track junction after the Tarn and took a breather. Although so far had been a long but easy walk in I was still over a 1/2 hour early. Had a lucosade and then started the route to the summit. The route up to the summit from here looked impossible with total hill fog in front, however the GPS took me all the way. The going wasn’t too bad at all.

Onto the summit with visibility down to 10m and I estimated where the large summit cairn was and found it quite quickly and after a coffee, set-up the VX-170 and RSS by wedging the RSS awkwardly into the stonework of the summit shelter again (lazy I know). Also set up the 4m Wouxun and military antenna.

Started off on 2m FM where I worked 12 stations with the furthest contact being Ron GW4EVX/P on Moel Famau, NW-044 Summit to Summit, a SOTA Summit To Summit Unique for both of us.

Then onto 4m using the newly acquired Wouxun KG-699E with 5w output into the military antenna working Mike G4BLH in Briarfield, then MW1FGQ, Dave G1CCL in Morecambe and Ron GW4EVX/P activating Moel Famau NW-044 for my first 4m Summit To Summit contact. Very pleased with the way this radio worked again. Initially signal reports were down on both 2 & 4m, with a 43 report given by Mike GW0DSP on 2m and a 31 by Mike G4BLH, a 41 by MW1FGQ and a 42 from Dave G1CCL on 4m although receiving them from a 55/59. However, confidence was restored when Ron GW4EVX/P came on with 59+ both ways and the Summit To Summit on 4m. I even qualified the summit on a weekday on 4m, so the set-up of the Wouxun and military antenna seems to be working fine. I think the path from the summit to some Chaser QTH’s was perhaps not the best. Look forward to confirmation from those stations mentioned.

Many thanks to all stations worked…


Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to M3EDX:

even qualified the summit on a weekday on 4m,

Good report Ian. Glad to hear the 4m is going well. It’s fun to try the less common bands. There was once a time when it was hard to qualify on 40m CW during the week. It’s still tricky on 10GHz of course.



In reply to G3CWI:
Hi Richard
You are of course right and as I predicted with the imported Chinese 4m handhelds, activations on 4m are certainly gaining interest as more activators purchase them.
I’m certainly enjoying what for me is a new band and will continue to use 4m over the coming year from the summits.


Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to M3EDX:
Hi Ian.I went up Pendle Sp005 with the hope of working you on 4 metres.But I was possibly a little late.I did get a S2S with GW4EVX/P.And also worked MW1FGQ just with the rubber duck on an old Phillips PFX.I will be on Pen-y-ghent on Thursday around lunch time.All the best Geoff G6MZX

In reply to M3EDX:

Hi Ian,

Well done on the activation, especially the navigation part… and a most interesting report as well. Pleased the Wouxun worked out fine. My toy arrived today, so no more hauling the Ascom up summits - it is now ensconced in the shack listening to white noise. No 4m locals as far as I know, unless they come out of the woodwork after midnight.

Hopefully catch you Wouxun to Wouxun one day soon.

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

It’s good to see activity being created where there was little before.


In reply to G6MZX:

Hi Geoff
Really sorry I missed you on Pendle, I would have welcomed the Summit To Summit. I’m at work on Thursday, but out on Saturday, excursion into North Wales activating two summits, if your out and about maybe a S To S on 4m then


Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to G4OIG:

Hi Gerald

My first trip to Pike Of Blisco. No problem getting to the Tarn and finding the track to the summit, however, in the peasoup all looked t^he same as I went up, so glad of the GPS to be honest.
Glad your Wouxun has arrived and I definately look forward to the Wouxun S to S…

Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to M3EDX:

Excellent report Ian and many thanks for the S2S on 2m and especially 4m, also the fact that LD-024 was a unique for me too!
I ended up with 22 contacts on 2m and 13 on 4m, so a very enjoyable couple of hours playing radio!
I was also in the cloud for the entire activation but a very easy path up NW-044 so no GPS needed!
I should be around on Saturday so will hopefully work you from home on 4m.


In reply to GW4EVX:

Hi Ron
My pleasure, I really enjoyed this activation (on my 52nd birthday no less).
A good account on 2m with an enviable account on 4m. I will be treading the same path on Saturday and if I could emulate 13 contacts on 4m, I would be well pleased. Hope to work you on Staurday… only another 12 to go then… Hi!


Ian 2E0EDX