Photo Upload Problems

I have tried to upload a photo with flickr to the SOTA group, but it is invisible for all the people. Myself i see the photo. There is a possibility to set up the photo visible for eyeryone, but this does not work.

If i open the SOTA Group photos logged in at Flickr, i see 4775 Objects.
If i open the SOTA Group photos anonymous, i see 4700 Objects…!

I really wonder why!
Please help - I want everybody to see my photos!

73 de OE5RTP

In reply to OE5RTP:

Flickr has been “wonderful” since they “improved” it. :frowning:

All my photos uploaded before May 28th have lost their large version due to internal changes at Flickr. I need to select each photo, rotate through 180deg, rotate through 180deg again and the large size will return.

Peter, have you checked the FAQs on Flickr about your problem because I’m sure I read something similar when I was trying to find out why my photos were not displaying properly?


In reply to MM0FMF:

Yes, i did. There ist no working solution. Checking out several details, i see that there are another 74 Photos with the same problems several users, so i see, that there is a problem or missing any special hint.

Does anyone have an idea?

73 de OE5RTP