Philip G4HQB Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Philip G4HQB on achieving Mountain Goat today
on Hergest Ridge G/WB-008..All Mountain Goat points achieved on 2m. Some of us wished we could have joined him but we did the next best thing and ensured he had a few s2s :grinning:

73 Allan GW4VPX

(Photo by Gillian M0OVW)


Congratulations Phil. Welcome to the club!

Congratulations on joining the Herd Philip.

Well done Philip !

Thanks to Philip and Gillian (and Allan and others) for S2S today - only 986 to go for me :slightly_smiling_face:



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Congratulations!! It’s a pleasure working you S2S :grin:

Here’s to the next 1000 :beers:

Jordan M3TMX

Congratulations Philip on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Well done on getting The Goat Phil. Sorry not to be out today for s2s contact and thanks for several on the way. Now Gillian’s turn.
73 to you both,

Well done Phil. Thanks for all the contacts along the way.


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Great work :+1::+1:

Well done Philip - now can we go for a walk on a beach instead :joy:


Many congratulations Phil! Great to catch you S2S yesterday for the MG activation, we certainly lucked out on the weather!!

Just need Gillian to join the herd now, soon we will have 3 goats in Ludlow

73 and see you soon

Matt G8XYJ

You can’t rest now Gillian (and neither can Philip) as you still have 677 to go!! I do realise that you don’t have as much leisure time as Phil but you’ve got 223 already so you are well on your way. Many congratulations Phil and welcome to the herd. We’ll all move up a little bit to let you in. I had noticed that you were going up all and everything in the rather wide ‘local’ area but, being rather dense, I assumed you were just showing us all how super fit you were after lockdown (which you must be) but now realise it was the race for goathood. I congratulate you on your choice of summit and particularly the actual site of the activation which meant that, when the wind blew, the trees would sound as if they were applauding your achivement. For those that don’t know the summit - there is a stand of monkeypuzzle trees near the top which can be seen in the back of Gillian’s picture at the top of this thread. Thanks for the many s2s and I look forward to many more - from both of you!!

73 M6BWA Viki

Many congratulations Phil and good to talk to you and Gillian
on Worcestershire Beacon today

Well done indeed Phil.

Well done Phil @G4HQB . Thanks for all the contacts & here’s to many more. :+1::beers:

73, Simon & Nic

Congratulations Phil, thanks for the many contacts & hopefully there are many more still to come, well done.
Neil M6NSV

Congrats Phil!

73 Mike

Félicitations Philip
73’ Alain