PFR3B ENC1 replacement

my PFR3B needs a “ENC1” encoder / push button replacement. QRP kits / Pacific Antenna do not have it. The designer KD1JV not answering mails.
Somebody would know where to obtain it ??

tnx, 73 , Kurt HB9AFI

A quick look at the manual describes it as “12mm mechanical Encoder, w/switch, vertical mount”. They are widely available from electronic distributors such as RS, Farnell etc.

Hi Kurt,
Perhaps from Reichelt?
or Conrad:

73 Ed.

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Salut Kurt

Dies hier würde vermutlich passen:

Falls du möchtest, würde ich dir den Impulsgeber/Schalter im PFR3B gerne ersetzen.

73, Heinz


I think Steve still has a mailing group if you join that group you may find someone who can source the switch. The old yahoo group was ATSprint and that is also at under the ATSprint name.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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Many thanks Richard, Ed, Andrew and especially Heinz for valuable info…
73 kurt


This is just to add that in the meantime Kurt has received from QRP Kits - Pacific Antenna the following part recommendation to replace the original encoder with switch: Mouser 652-PEC11R-4220F-512

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