PFR-3 Transceiver (40/30/20m) vs Mountain Topper Tri-Bander

Hi all.
Hendricks PFR-3 Transceiver (40/30/20 m) vs Mountain Topper Tri-Bander.
Someone could compare ??
Any conclusion ??

Dani EA5FV.

I think it’s all down to personal preference.

The electronics in both radios are very similar. The PFR3 uses through hole components for ease of construction. The MTR uses SMD for a smaller overall package.

The PFR3 includes a tuner, the MTR does not.

RF performance between the two radios should be very similar, they both offer low current consumption on RX and TX.

So the questions that need answering are -

Do you want to build your rig or buy ready built?
Do you want a tiny rig or is a bigger rig fine?
Do you need a tuner or are you going to use 50 ohm antennas?
Do you prefer to have a volume control or can you live without?
Do you need a tuning knob or are you OK with push buttons?

73, Colin