Pfaffenkogel OE/ST-483

Took advantage of some light southerly winds to activate a nice easy 2 pointer. The path up the Pfaffenkogel starts very close to the railway station and the heads quite steeply up the nose of the hill. It then gives way to a well made track that wends its way along the ridge to the main summit:

The summit cross is very simple, no furniture at this summit unfortunately:

Luckily I brought my own:

Conditions on 20m seemed quite good and I got a call from N1GB. I then went down to 40m and started calling at 7.0306. I called for quite a while and absolutely no one came back. For some reason the skimmers failed to pick me. So I waited a few minutes, tuned about (plenty of activity, good sigs), then called again on 7.0304. This time I got picked up by the skimmers and a handful of stations came back to me. There seemed to be a lot of QRM between 7.031 an 7.040. I had trouble hearing a station on Sunday because, unbeknownst to him, he was calling in the middle of some local qrm. I was also using the latest version of VK port-a-log, which worked well as expected. It is nice having the summit ref field at line 4, which I got to try out today with a S2S contact with HB9AFI/P. So thanks go to Peter for listening; such a great app!
73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU


Thank you for your kind words. The line 4 choices are great here when we have a VKFF activation weekend when every second QSO is a park to park.

We also have a VK Shires weekend once a year so the VK shires line 4 is also useful.

So I too am greatful for the feature as are a few VKs who made similar suggestions.

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