Peter DK3RN - A high-speed goat in the herd

I don’t know Peter @DK3RN yet. However, I have seen and noticed the callsign quite often lately… especially as Peter, like me, spends a lot of time in the Black Forest and the Vosges.

This necessarily led to S2S…

Today we had 2 S2S again. Now I took a look at his page… and was amazed!

Peter is Mountain Goat as of today! …and he did that in 9 months…

Peter: Congratulations and welcome to the herd!

I would be happy to meet you in person at the booth, this weekend

73 Armin


Hello Armin,
thank you so much for this post. I was really happy to reach this milestone today. I really appreciate the Sota community. It is always nice to hear voices which became familiar in the last month. I will be at the dinner on Friday, therefore I am really looking forward meeting you guys in person and put a face to the voices. A special thanks to all the chasers. Especially @EA2DT , @SP6KEP, @EA2CKX , @F4WBN and @S57ILF which were on almost every summit ready to chase. 73, Peter


Hallo Peter alles gute zur ersten Ziege, mach nur so weiter, ich werde auf der HamRADIO eine suchen gehen…
in3adf markus

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Congrats, Peter!


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Congratulations Peter, super !
73 Chris

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Danke Markus @IN3ADF, ich befürchte es wird schwierig die Schlagzahl zu halten, mir gehen die leicht zu erreichenden Berge in der Nähe aus :grinning:. Aber ich freue mich schon auf die Alpen im Sommer, vielleicht schaffe ich es ja mal nach Südtirol :blush:.

Thanks Markus, it might be difficult to keep up the pace, I’m running out of easy to reach summits nearby :grinning:. But I’m already looking forward to the Alps in summer, maybe I’ll make it to South-Tirol :blush:.