Pete WA7JTM 4X Goat!

Congratulations Pete. Quite an achievement.
Richard N6PKT

Way to go Pete!

Congratulations Pete! Bob AC1Z

Pete, congratulations on achieving quadra-MG status! That is a remarkable achievement. Here’s to at least 4 more.

73 Paula k9ir


Thanks for your many contacts - especially S2S contacts! You always have a solid signal, and you’re getting out a lot.



Glad I could be on your list of contacts on your first activation and then again on your accomplishment of 4X Goat status. Thanks for all the contacts in between and hope to work you on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Happy to be on the list of the 4X activation. I was still thinking about this addiction in 2013. I will look for many more. Congratulations!!
Martha W0ERI

Congratulations on a significant achievement in Ham Radio circles, one that is shared by a relatively small group of dedicated mountaineers/operators.
Woody K1LB

Fantastic. Congratulations Pete for the 4x MG title.
Attila W7AMR

Nice work Pete. I agree with what you said about Sota-itis!
Scott kw4jm

Congrats Pete, always good to work you.

Well done Pete and thanks for the QSO today while on Gilbert Peak.

Congratulations Pete! I keep hoping that someday we will have a successful 2XQRP S2S between AZ and Portugal! 73 de CT7/K9PM Paul

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Are u allowed to activate from Portugal these days?

There is a fall EU/NA s2s event in November. I have made a few s2s EU/NA contacts in past years.


Hi Pete,

Yes, I am active as CT7/K9PM. Hope to QSO soon or in the EU/NA event. Maybe we will be lucky! 73

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Congrats on 4 x :mountain_snow: :goat: ! Pete Looking forward to many more contacts!

Amazing accomplishment Pete! Congratulations!

de Joe KE9AJ

Congratulations Pete on 4X Goat! Thanks for all the chaser points along the way.
Gary K3TCU

Congratulations Pete.
73, Charlie - KØLAF

Congrats Pete. Quite impressive.