Pete WA7JTM 4X Goat!

After 479 trips up and down the hill, Pete WA7JTM has achieved the status of QuadruGoat. Pete’s first activation was a two-pointer called Scarlet Mountain back in April of 2013. His first 4 contacts were KU6J, VE2JCW, WA2USA, and W0MNA. Pete has been a great example to all of us here in W7A land, both in the Amateur Radio hobby and in his personal life. Congratulations on your 4X Goat! Well deserved.

Charlie NJ7V


Congratulations Pete! Always great to work you and thanks for all you do.

Vy 73,

Mike - ke5akl

Congratulations, Pete!

Glad I could work you today on Turkey Peak.

73, Walt

Congrats Pete! Glad I was able to get in your log Today. We have chased each other quite a bit, and had many enjoyable S2S contacts. CU AGN SOON…


Great Big Congrats to Pete, on making Mountain Goat X4!

73, Ken , K6HPX & Kay, KE7BGM

Amazing, 4X MG! Congratulations, Pete!
73, Peter KD0YOB

Congratulations Pete. I worked you on the first summit today but for some reason I couldn’t hear you on Turkey Peak. Great job.

Jeff K6QCB

Congrats Pete!
Good work! I missed you every time today, darn it.
John, K6YK

Good show Pete, you OLD Goat! hee hee
Always good to work you.
Vick k7vk

Congratulations Pete! Major accomplishment.
Always enjoy hunting for you on the SOTA’s.
BZ de John Paul // AB4PP

Congratulations Pete on x4!!! That is amazing. Take care, and I hope to get you in the log again soon. Best wishes & 73.

congrats Pete, Was not the first but did manage our first contact 11/1/2013. 105 later and still counting. Keep up the good work. See you down the log.

Jack KB7HH

Congratulations, Pete! 4X is awesome!


Dave, AE9Q



Congratulations, Pete.
I just started chasing in May and have you 4 times in my log, twice today!
Gary W5GDW

Thanks everyone for the kind words and all of the contacts over the years. It has been way to much fun!

Unfortunately this sad state of affairs (GOAT x 4) is due to SOTAitis…and there appears to not be a cure.

The only known remedy for SOTAitis is to activate yet another summit, and that leads to another activation, and then to another, etc, etc, etc.

As a result I am likely doomed to yet more Activations soon. I just cant get this monkey (summit?) off my back.

Hi Hi
Thanks Chasers…your the best!




YES!! and,
maybe no cure. Looking forward to working you on those summits.
Vick k7vk

Well done on the 4k Pete. Hopefully manage another contact with you in the next Trans-Atlantic S2S event in November.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK



Heard a PA and and Italian station calling me yesterday morning, so things are looking up towards Europe. Both faded out before we could complete a QSO unfortunately.

Looks like this fall may be good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to the EU DX!



Absolutely amazing Pete! You’re an inspiration to us all and a great leader for Arizona SOTA.

Keith KR7RK