Perfect Sota Day

I think it’s safe to say that today was a sota day beyond belief, due to the superb activity from all of the activators in many associations.
I can only stand in awe, admiration and appreciation of the fantastic job done by all concerned.
I should have known from the very first contact, that it was going to be a special day.
Sota was the winner today.
It started with a 40m cw cq sota call from Laurent F8BBL/P on F/SO-002 which gave me my first French sota region completion, I now have both summits in that region, hi.

From there on in, things went crazy.
A superb triple G/LD from Frank G3RMD/P, also a superb triple DM/BW from Klaus DF2GN/P (hope you managed the s2s Klaus) with superb sigs on 30m cw, an unusual double from Charlie GW0PZO/P on 60m cw, nice to get you on the key Charlie.
Also so many other superb activations, just too many to mention.
Final contact of the day came from Neil MW0ECX/P on 80m ssb on G/WB-001

At the end of the day it took quite some time to enter all the contacts into the database.

A rough breakdown of the day is…
Bands worked = 80/60/40/30 and 2mtrs
fm = 4contacts
ssb = 14 contacts
cw = 11 contacts
Total contacts =29
New Uniques = 18
Total chaser points for the day = 172

Can I say a special thank you to all activators for an amazing job.

Vy 73 to all and I look forward to our next contact.