Perfect Day and Activation: WY7/SL-109

W7Y/SL-109 This was my best activation this winter. It was a sunny, calm day. Never saw another skier or track. The snow was great for skiing. This was a SOTA/POTA activation so the pileup lasted 2 hours with 84 QSOs. And then a lovely ski down. I’m ready for another one like this.


Love the sound track… figured there must be some more deadheads around here

Awesome activation! Thanks for the QSO!

(“599… right”… LOL)

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Hi Josh. I think there are quit a few of us Dead Heads that are hams :wink: I know Allen, N4NN is one.

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Great video’s Pat !
Bill N0DNF

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More SOTA videos with Dead soundtracks, please!!
—Jeff KX6I


Nice! Looks like the perfect day out.

Hi Pat,
As often your signal was excellent! Thank you for your report with beautiful scenery.
73 - Chris

Hi Patrick, date today is 3/8/23 and I just worked you on WY7/TT-160 from Hot Springs, SD, 95 miles away on 20 meters! Must of been ground waves! Right after I worked you I saw your video on the SOTA reflector. Yesterday looked like a great day and hopefully today is just as nice where you are but no blue sky here! Hope you have a great day anyway and you’re an inspiration to us guys that need 40 deg temps to get out there! 73, Gary/KT0A

I take that 95 mile thing back… I had you on the Eastern edge of WY but now have found you on the Western edge… 400 miles or so away. Still an inspiration!

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Hi Chris. Thanks for all the QSOs!. We have 103 now.

Hi Gary, Yes, I’m on the western side of Wyoming. But glad to get you in South Dakota. And thanks for all the QSOs!

Thanks Jeff. Yes, adding the Dead to any video amps it up :slight_smile: