Peña Yeguas EA1/BU-109


I went to a new summit near my holiday QTH in Burgos association. This one would be a complete for me as well. So far it had only been activated 2 times before.

Activation date: July 25th 2022

The hike

  • Trail length (one way) : 4,3 km
  • Elevation gain: 380 m
  • Mountain elevation: 1004 m a.s.l.
  • Walking time: 1h 10min

I approached the mountain from the near town of Pancorbo, a village located in the middle of a gorge.

The hike follows a clear and well marked path that ascends a long ravine called “Barbalantes”, with several signs on posts every now and then.

See the path on the map (blue dashed line). Notice the retired summit of Meriendillas EA1/BU-077 located further North.

And here the path in yellow dashed line:

See a picture on the way. This area here has some impressive rocks at the sides of the ravine.

A look back on the ravine:

The summit

When I got near the summit, from beneath a rock, a roe deer jumped out frighten by me. What a joy to see this nice animal so close in the nature.

There is a mountain mailbox in the activation zone. Notice Mt. Meriendillas in the background:

Nevertheless the highest point is bit further on, about 40m East, and is marked with a stick:

The activation

It is not easy to install the antenna at the true summit so I put my gear on a flat area mid way between the mailbox and the summit.

It was a bit windy and I sat by a big boxwood plant which served as a good selter, stopping the wind all the time.

My setup today was the KX3, 3 x 21700 LiIon cell, and an inverted vee EFHW antenna.

While setting my HF antenna I tried VHF. After some un responded CQ, I had a short qso with Jorge, EA2LU. To have him in the log I put the handheld horizontal, as he’s got a long horizontal yagi. He took a while to point at my position as his yagi has a sharp pattern. Distance of this qso: 110 km.

Then I started on HF, where I focused on 14-CW-SSB and 7-CW. I also chased some S2S in 10 MHz. I logged a total of 55 qso and got 15 S2S.

EA2DCA and EA2DNO got a complete with my S2S. I also logged another couple, EA4DON & EA4DOS activating in the Pyrenees in EA2/NV-004.

Special highlight was to lo log EB2GKK, the first activator of this summit, who called me on his MTR-5B rig. Thanks Iñaki!

Thanks also OM/OK1CHP, DL6FBK, EA2WX (running from his neverending EA2/BI-055 summit) , DL/OE6FEG, OE6VWG, G4TQE, HB9DIZ, DL1CR, UW8SM, OE/HB9BCK, HB9CBR, IK2LEY/IS0 and HB9EVF for S2S. What a nice collection today!

Thanks everybody for the qso, it’s nice to greet all friends in summer time from a different association than the usual one.

73 de Ignacio


Hi Dr Ignacio, I tried to eard tou but was impossible, neither 20 and 30m bands.

Glad to see you enjoyed the activity.



Egun on Ignacio.
Merci pour le rapport d’activité. Je ne t’ai jamais entendu, mon antenne n’est pas performante.
Cordiales 73 et porte toi bien.

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