Pen y Pass Car park price increase

FYI. Just read that the cost of parking at the Pen y pass car park is to increase from £6.00 to £10.00 in April.

Pen y Pass car park is the beginning of one of the routes (PYG/Miners track) up to Snowdon GW/NW-001.

I always prefer the Watkin path myself, free cark parking but a much longer walk.

Roger MW0IDX

There is a very good park & ride in Llanberis and a regular bus service to and from Pen-y-Pass. Much cheaper and keeps the pressure on Pen-y-Pass down. Better than ditching the car on the side of the road and walking.

In fact there are many regular & cheap bus services around the Snowdonia Park.

You can even use the Welsh Highland Railway to get to the start of the Snowdon Ranger path.

  1. Ian.

In reply to MW0IDX:

There is also the car park across the road from Snowdon Ranger YH, which was free last year. The Snowdon Ranger path also allows a detour onto NW-030 on the way up or down. I have also used the same parking area from which to activate NW-022, but usually approach from SH558599.

The Watkin path is, IMHO, fine for NW-008, but I find the final approach onto NW-001 a little too loose for comfort. Nothing much there big or firm enough to take the strain in the event of a big stumble.

Oh to be warm again!

73 de Dave G6DTN/M0DFA

I find the final approach onto NW-001 a little too loose for comfort

I managed it OK in poor weather, but it’s definitely an ascent route. No way would I descend down that way.


In reply to M1EYP:

Really? On a busy day you will see a crocodile of people going both ways on it! I suppose its more a case of getting your mind around it and good technique but it has to be admitted that it is an accident black spot in icy conditions, when the right gear and the knowledge to use it is essential.


Brian G8ADD

PS There is lots of parking at the station at Rhyd Ddu and a choice of routes to Snowdon…and a good real ale pub in the village, too (for afterwards, of course!)

In reply to G8ADD:

I suppose its more a case of getting your mind around it…

That goes for more or less everything Brian! Sitting on Y Lliwedd had only 5% of the scare-factor that I had cooked up in my mind beforehand. I would say though, worrying about what can happen and thinking it through is far better than going in without sufficient thought. The latest “incident” noted was an idiot ascending Red Screes, persuading his two young children up the heavily iced path while his wife sat looking concerned from a vantage point lower down. Unfortunately you can’t say anything to such individuals.

Anyway, it seems like Paul and I just slipped in at Pen y Pass while the two and nine penny seats were still available. £10 for parking - no wonder we are known as Rip Off Britain!

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

It depends on where the money is going. I’ve never objected to paying for parking at Ben Lawers visitor center (only £2 though) as you could see the maintainance work being carried out on the paths on Ben Lawers, Meall Corranaich and Meall Tarmachan. If I can see where my money goes I don’t object (as much) to have to spend it.

£10 sounds a little steep. Perhaps it’s an attempt to reduce the numbers of chavs on the hill?


In reply to MM0FMF:

£10 sounds a little steep. Perhaps it’s an attempt
to reduce the numbers of chavs on the hill?

That I doubt Andy - that kind of person always seems to have the funds for parking. Unfortunately high parking charges are a tax on the responsible people that would prefer to put their money into decent clothing and equipment for a safe day out in the hills.

As for where the money goes, I’m sure that it doesn’t directly translate into improved paths and maintenance work - that would be too simple!

It will be interesting to see what effect the increased charge has on parking at Pen y Pass and also whether the free parking spots in the area become more crowded - or worse still become endowed with a parking meter of their own!

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:
Apparently the car park fee goes towards the upkeep of the cafe and path maintenance. The car park is privately owned.

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to MW0IDX:

Thanks for clarifying that one Roger. At least they are not after making a quick buck on the back of more people being out walking on the hills as a relatively inexpensive means of entertainment during the recession.

73, Gerald