Pen y Garm GW/MW-004

Hi all

I may venture out on to this hill on Saturdayif WX good, I will take the route described by Richard CWI Starting at SN791753, Has anybody got an idea of roughly how long the walk takes?? I know this is an a ‘how long is a piece of rope’ question, but any help would be useful!

73 Matt, 2E0XTL

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You can look up Naismiths Rule. This gives you some figures for how long it takes to walk on good ground, how long each 1m of ascent takes and how to derate this for poor ground (tussocks, bog, snow, ice, irate livestock). You can tweak the numbers based on whether you have the physique of a slab faced killer like Jason Bourne or if you are a bit lardy like me.

For me, 1km = 12mins and 10m ascent = 1min.

A 5km walk climbing 500m takes me (roughly) 60+50 = about 110mins or 2hrs. Don’t forget comfort breaks, changing layers, drinks, photos etc. can add a lot to the time.


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If you want to go a different route…
I took the forest track from ‘The Arch’ car park as per G4ERP’s notes, and doubled back at the far end to avoid crossing the barbed wire fences. I think it took about 1 1/4 hours. I am an OAP so it should be quicker for a younger person.

David , G3RDQ

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Cheers for the advice guys! Will look into it! Might now be in South Wales this weekend with the Bayton pair of BTR and MYA!! However I now have a rough estimate of how long it will take me when I get around to doing it! Jason Bourne may be physically fit however I myself have to plod on, the paraphernalia on my back also hinders progress!

Just noticed the TYPO for the title of the Reflector page!! HI!!

Cheers again


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Assuming you are going to walk on the track shown on the OS map, then Anquet, using my Naismith rules, says:

Start point: SN791753
End point: SN798770
Flat length: 2.47km
Max height: 607.89m
Min height: 393.00m
Height ascended: 228.44m
Height descended: 14.02m
Estimated time: 0h 53min


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Cheers Andy! That what I guessed at so 1hr 15-30 would be ideal as then it allows me time to set up! Looks like a straight forward walk up gravel roads!

73 Matt 2E0XTL