Pen Y Fan

This afternoon I was over at the base of Pen Y Fan (not to climb just to take some piccies) and again wondered what the brick built structure was/is at the start of the trail. I am sure that everyone who has made the ascent form the car park side has seen this, its half buried in the hillside and has the appearance of a WW2 “pill box” although its not the traditional round shape of the ones that dot the eastern countryside. A quick Google revealed nothing and James, M0ZZO suggested that the reflector might be the place to ask!

Thanks in advance!


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Some answers here David.


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Outstanding Mike, many thanks - I might go back and have a look for the “lost Para’s” memorial tomorrow!

It seems clear that the bunker (if that is the correct term) has been renovated over the years, although maybe renovated is a generous term!